Monday, September 7, 2009

Elizabeth and Lars have corrupted me

Okay, I tried to keep this all chess, all the time, but (a) Elizabeth has been blogging about all sorts of random things for a while now and why should she have all the fun? and (b) my soon-to-be former workmate Lars has shown me one of the few golden opportunities I've ever seen to use the power of the internet to further the cause of world civilization.

So here it is: which of the following re-dubbings of the same rant from the movie Downfall are the funniest?

Hitler Learns that the Vikings Have Signed Brett Favre
Sample line: "Everyone who wears a Helga hat to bed, please leave. You must not hear what I have to say." (3/4 of the Nazis leave the room)

Hitler Learns That Michael Jackson Has Died and so Will Not Be Performing at his Birthday Party
Sample line: "And the worst part is, I never even got a chance to go to Neverland."

Hitler Finds Out He Has Been Banned from XBox Live
Sample line: "I had over 2000 Microsoft points!! I bought a Call of Duty theme pack, too!"

Note that I stayed away from less skillful ones, like "Hitler Learns there is no Santa Claus" or political ones like "Hitler Learns that Sarah Palin Resigned", but you can find them easily through the YouTube related links. And for the connoisseur, I understand that there is also a version of this up where Hitler is ranting about all the different versions of this that are up...